Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Evans Above: Jonny scores in NI's 3-2 win over Poland earlier this year

A quick jump aboard the rumour-mill this week throws up a 'Real' corker.  Our Jonny is being touted as the next Manchester United player to hot-tail it out to Spain and join the Madrid giants. 

"Go Jonny Go Go" may be the cries from the Spanish capital, but in reality, the young lad from Rathcoole is going nowhere.  He is United through and through.  Would you believe... he even bleeds red.

BBC Northern Ireland recently screened a documentary following Jonny and his promising career on the pitch.  See it here if you missed it.  Like myself, a United fan growing up in Belfast, he is living out the dreams of thousands throughout Ireland.  What's better is that he takes it all in his stride and never forgets his roots.  It's easy to see why the glitz and glamour of Real Madrid wouldn't get this Manchester United fan all hot under the collar.  The same depth of loyalty shown couldn't be said for some of his previous team-mates at United.  Señor Ronaldo, Señor van Nistelrooy, and Señor Heinze all left the "Red Devils" for "Los Galácticos", however it was to be a relative step-down for both the Holland and Argentina internationals.  It remains to be seen how that Portuguese fella embraces his recent arrival at the Bernabau.

Jonny - come lately - has excelled for both club and country.  However, injury has temporarily cut short his fantastic start to this season.  It is no coincidence that United have not faired well in his absence.  A future Northern Ireland captain of that there is no doubt.  He advocates that himself, "It's always been my ambition to captain my country one day".  But I'm not getting carried away because at the tender age of just 21, he still has alot to learn.  Old Trafford is the right place to do just that.

There's a certain paramilitary mural in Jonny's native North Belfast that sends out the message "Prepared for Peace, Ready for War".  It's a message Evans has taken and adapted to his career on the football pitch.

Prepared for partnership.  Ready for war.  Rio and Nemanja take note.

Evans Above, Jonny - you took something perfect... and painted it red.

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