Sunday, 20 December 2009


No, this isn't just another episode of a well known BBC cartoon where a superstar footballer special guests alongside Super-ted and company;  this is Ryan Giggs and the Beeb's "Sports Personality of the Year".

That's right Giggsy scooped 'the biggie' of the BBC sporting world.  A sporting world that includes...

- no live Premiership coverage
- no live (or highlighted) Champions League coverage
- the odd 'Championship' match involving the might Toon
- a poor man's version of Soccer Saturday (sorry Gabby, there's just no substitute for Jeff Stelling)
- and Mark Lawrenson

A stunned Ryan Giggs said he was "in total shock" after winning the 2009 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. 


I had it down to a final lap slog-fest between David Hayes and Jenson Button.

But, it was the public that voted.  Yes those heartless swines even had the cheek to vote out Jedward last month. Scandless.

I didn't vote myself, but given the choice my allegiences obviously would have forced me to vote David Healy Ryan Giggs.  Why? Because he is my idol.  He was quite simply the George Best of my era (1986-present).  Giggs is 'THE' model footballer.  This is a player who's most compromising situation off the pitch arose when the gaffer (Sir Alex) made an unexpected appearance at a quite innocent house party where Lee Sharpe attempted to lead a young impressionable Ryan astray.  David Beckham and Tiger Woods he is not.

He is however Manchester United's shining light in a relatively average season by their standards.  The 36 year-old Welsh wonder has been instrumental in what could be considered United's 'transition year'.  But unlike such years gone-by where Djemba-Djemba, Bellion, Kleberson and co. have been misguided by a tired, weary, begruding and often difficult to be around Roy Keane;  Ryan has inspired rather than transpire.

The sports personality of the year for 2009 isn't a just award for Ryan though.  The 1991-2009 sports personality of the year would be make a more worthy title for the lad.    I'd even be confident enough to label him United's greatest ever player, and confident enough to do some football betting to win some cash. That's right, ahead of even the Holy Trinity of Law, Charlton and Best

Am I mad?  Very much so!  But 11 Premier League's and two European Cups, not to mention the numerous other trophies pocketed by the Salford-raised Giggs tells its own story really.

I'm delighted the 'beautiful British public' agree with me.

And it seems we haven't seen the last of the left-wing wizard after Giggsy's new contract extension this week.  The most respected Manchester United player of all time.  Giggs' award may have been a token gesture, but is undoubtedly an inspiration to all sports men and women.  The most gifted, loyal, and genuine personality in sports today. 

Ryan Giggs OBE would top most sports followers lists.

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