Tuesday, 21 July 2009

€400 - 1 (one) Goal

Tallaght-fornia. 20/07/09. The night Cristiano Ronaldo made his Real Madrid debut. He didn't disappoint, but some of his team-mates did to be honest.

It took Real Madrid 87 minutes to break down the Shamrock Rovers backline last night in what was to be a heartbraking defeat for the home side. Billed as 'David versus Goliath', I found myself asking two questions... One - Which one was Goliath? and two - Out of the 10,900 spectators, just how many of them will be at the Bohemians game next week?

My first question was finally answered three minutes from time when new signing Karim Benzema controlled blissfully from a long ball and slotted home cooley past Rovers keeper Barry Murphy. 40 million? Sure that's only Madrid's bargain bucket!

I have to say as a Glentoran supporter I couldn't help but feel a touch of jeleousy at the sight of the 'Galacticos' of world football, Real Madrid, playing a football match against a Shamrock Rovers side of similar prestige to that of the Glens. But hey, every club has its day in the limelight. After all we hosted Manchester United this time last year at The Oval (albeit a second string eleven).

But, I'm genuinely delighted for Rovers to attract Real, and hope this is the boost local football currently requires.

That is all for now. (BTW I've a spare programme from the match if anyone wants to start a bidding war!)