Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Date: Friday 4th December
Location: South William Street, Dublin
Restaurant: Alfie's
Rating: *

It's been a while since I've had a gorgeous meal in a fancy restaurant. Unfortunately, my recent experience at ALFIE'S restaurant on South William Street will keep me waiting that little bit longer. For a restaurant based in such a central position in Dublin, I expected a higher level of customer assurance.

As part of a workforce out on the town to celebrate the arrival of Christmas, it was clear the festive cheer was still to greet ALFIE'S. Given our group pre-ordered our food weeks before via extensive discussions with the restaurant with regards to what was on offer, I would have expected to have the opportunity to eat what I had in-fact ordered. Upon arrival I was informed the scampi was not available. Others, who had pre-ordered burgers and stir-fry were also told in no uncertain circumstaces these were no longer available. Why wasn't our group informed of these last minute alterations in the menu? Dear, oh dear.

In the end I settled for the Scallops - all FOUR of them. The less than appetizing 'ice-cream scoop' of mash-potato dumped rather tragically in the middle of my plate won't win any masterchef awards much to my disappointment.

"Friendly, informative service, modern decor and a vibrant atmosphere will make your dining experience one to remember" is what ALFIE'S offers via its website. I can assure anyone who may have the displeasure of dining there that this was certainly not the case on my visit.

What's it all about, ALFIE??

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