Friday, 27 November 2009


Old Trafford's resident 'Aunty Scouse*' is back in the headlines today for his latest helping of LFC-bashing. The United stalwart - or is that just plain 'wart' for non United fans? - claims Liverpool got everything they deserved after being knocked out of the Champions League at the group stages on Tuesday night.

As much as I loved THAT celebration all those years ago, I think it's time Gary buried the hatchet with his friends in the Republic of Scouseland*.  Why?  Because that very hatchet could end up lodged in the lad's spine should he attempt to intimidate the already irate Scouse mob any further.  My advice to Neville would be to let sleeping dog's lie.  After all, that's all Liverpool have been reduced to this season - or so it seems at the moment.  Let's leave the gloating until the end of the season.

Until then, as fourth choice right-back at United, Neville should perhaps let his feet do the talking. When John O'Shea, Wesley Orange Brown and one (possibly two) spotty Brazillian kids are ahead of you in the pecking order at the Theatre of Dreams, it's probably best to concentrate on winning your place back in the manager's plans.

Message to Gary:  Football first, Scouse*-bashing second, Chelsea third, Arsenal fourth... and 'with hope in our hearts' Liverpool a 'deserved' fifth ;)
* in this article, the term "Scouser" refers to the red side of Merseyside only.  Therefore I guess only Liverpool supporters should take offence if or where they feel the need to.

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