Friday, 20 November 2009


It's not everyday I'd agree with Roy Keane, but today in a BBC interview the most famous/infamous player to captain the Republic of Ireland was 100% correct.  The FAI are a laughing stock for begging FIFA for a replay of the ROI versus France game.  So are those I heard last night on FM 104, ranting to Adrian Kennedy about this planned protest at the French Embassy in Dublin today.  A bit of 'cop on' please, and stop feeling sorry for yourselves.  That old ship has sailed.

And just out of interest, what kind of reporter attends an interview and 'let's his phone ring out' instead of switching it to silent?? My vote goes to Dennis Pennis.  It's lucky Roy Keane has matured because in his earlier days as a player I believe that inparticular reporter's mobile telephone would be left ringing in a place where the Sun don't shine.  Couldn't believe the cheek of the lazy journo, he should apply for a job with the rest of the muppets at the Andersontown News.  The interview itself was controversial enough, without this clown so rudely interrupting...


Keane: Who's phone is that? That's the second time it's gone off.

Reporter:  I think that's my phone, sorry.


Keane: Why don't you turn it off? You're sitting there, that's the second time it's gone off.  Why don't you put it on silent?

Reporter: It's not the second time.

Keane: But why don't you turn it off??


Reporter:  I'll turn it off in a minute.

Keane: So you're just gonna let it ring?

Reporter: No, I'll try and let it ring out.  


Keane: Oh right... that's good manners.

PS:  I gather the reporter has never heard of Alf-Inge Haaland...

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