Monday, 22 June 2009

Trappatoni meets Ireland at Oasis gig

Well folks, I was at Slane Castle at the weekend for the Oasis gig. Noticed Manchester City and Republic of Ireland bad-boy Stephen Ireland blagged a few free-bies off the Gallaghers! Couldn't help but imagine Republic boss Trappatoni lurking in the bushes keeping watch over his prized asset that has yet to grace his team.

Here's part of the conversation between the pair I managed to overhear at Slane after the Trap came out from stalking the Cobh clown...

... How'ya Gio "whats the story mornin' glory"

The Trap (who has been "all around the world" in football management) had a "masterplan" as he tried pleading with Stephen Ireland to "let there be love" but the "boy with the blues" snapped back "oi trappers, stop crying your heart out!"
"Where did it all go wrong?" says the trap who looks like he could "live forever" the way hes going.

Please Stephen just "stand by me".

Ireland responded, "Some might say" i don't deserve to come back after the way i've treated my country. But "Tomorrow never knows"......
"d'ya know what i mean" Trap?***
***may not have taken place

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