Saturday, 10 November 2007


World governing body Fifa has suggested that players born in Northern Ireland should be allowed to opt to play for the Republic of Ireland.

A question for all you blog-ites out there... should the world governing body FIFA allow Northern Ireland born players to opt for the 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland?

Puzzled? Ok, I'll answer it for you. They shouldn't. End of. Here's why...

The Irish FA is the 3rd oldest association in the world - who once officially ran the all-Ireland team for its first few decades - and they are clearly NOT the partitionists on this issue.

Of course the Brits could be accused of being partitionists in the political sense (ooh controversial!) but in all fairness this is FOOTBALL we're talking about and the Republic's football association should really reap what they sowed in the 1920's when they took their ball and killed off the islands all-Irish side. Lets not forget the fact that up until the partition of Ireland in 1921 the IFA governed football across the entire island but a decision by the Dublin clubs to form their own association led to the formation of the FAI (Football Association of Ireland).

What this breakaway association (the FAI) is doing is essentially sectarian, as players from nationalist/catholic areas such as Darron Gibson will form a generation of Irish catholics on their team (ROI) and we'll have a team full of Ulster protestants (NI).

The door will then be shut firm on the chris bairds, martin o'neills, gerry armstrongs, damien johnsons of days of old and partition in Ireland in footballing terms will be even greater.

So come on FIFA, in a time when Northern Ireland is beginning to achieve the cross-community support of old with the various campaigns run by the IFA, please dont make partition between our two countries even greater as we may potentially end up with 'Catholic Ireland' and 'Protestant Ireland' - sad, but a real possibility should they rule in favour of the breakaway association - the FAI.


  1. I dont know how much you know about this but darron gibson has always said that his dream was to play for the republic so he did not need much persuading.Now about nationalist support absolutely more and more catholics go for the NI team but trust me if was between them and the republic for qualification for 2010 then oh i dont know 85 to 90 should go for the republic and that is a fact

  2. I'll give you a fact. Northern Ireland is a cross community team, always has always will. I'd love to see how many players of the protestant religion are on the Republic's side, they're living in their own little fantasy world down there. FAI are just reinstating themselves as bigots.

    Gibson was influenced by politics, not football unfortunately. But why should we want him if he doesn't want to play for his country?

  3. I really hate the way idiots abuse the term "fact".

    "i dont know 85 to 90 should go for the republic and that is a fact"

    That is not a fact, that is your conjecture based on nothing but anecdotal "evidence" and prejudice.

  4. He must come from the Sinn Fein school of facts

  5. You mean sinn fein the biggest nationalist party in the north of ireland and the largest party in belfast.Now i admit i dont know how many protestant players are in the FAI team and you know why well religion has never been a issue in any walk of life in the south since 1962.

  6. That is due to your one religion one team stance, hence the reason why the FAI are trying to paoch yong catholics from the vastly cross-community IFA set-up

    wolfetone would be spinning in his grave

  7. Hey if any good protestant player had an intrest in playing for the FAI im sure he would be completely welcomed again the good people in the south dont give shit what religion you are same with the FAi. I think itWould be better to come to an agreement with the FAI that would make both sides reasonably happy.If you dont and lets say in the very unlikely event that FIFA do rule in favour of the IFA you would then have legal challenges according to Darron Gibson uncle there are players ready to take this to court if this happens again.So we could still be talking about this next year.Oh and by the way it was stupid of me to say that all catholics in the North of Ireland would support NI over the republic but i have always found it to be the case well at least where im from anyway[Cushendall[.But that doesent mean we wont support NI if they get to Austria/Switzerland

  8. I dont agree,its right what fifa are doing.After all its one country,we all live here in Ireland and we are all Irish!

  9. dont lie please, Nothern Ireland is a seperate contry from republic of ireland just coz there on the same island doesnt mean its one country, wat have u been tought, suppose it depend on were in NI or ROI ur from. but facts dont lie no matter wat u say, sure pigs can fly mate


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