Monday, 29 October 2007


From BBCNI yesterday...

So, another day goes by and another name is thrown into the hat for the vacant managers position in Dublin. The name Graham Souness has been synominous with Rangers FC supporters over the years after his highly controversial spell with them, but it could be the Glasgow Celtic fans in Ireland that may find themselves having to support a man whom they deeply hate - if any of these comments are anything to go by...

Originally Posted by joker77:
"Maybe Anti Irish is a bit strong. But after having managed Rangers, and being openly opposed to Scotland's separation from England, I wonder where he'd stand on the Gibson case..."

Originally Posted by Mr Alan:
"Cant help but feel a lot of the hate towards Souness may lie with his previous involvement with Rangers. No doubting that a fair amount of Irish fans wouldnt be impressed if he got the job. Unfortunately."

Of course, i realise as much as anyone else that Souness isn't a bigot. He managed the Protestant half Glasgow, so what? He also signed the first CATHOLIC in the clubs official history - Mo Johnson in 1989 - from rivals Celtic!

Indeed there are other possible candidates out there (Martin Jol, Brian Kerr, David O'Leary etc.) I wouldn't write off any of them from doing the job for the Irish but Souness is certainly a man worthy of taking ROI to the world cup. His passion for every club he has managed has never been questioned, but for a poor spell at Newcastle admittadly.

Other supporters on the site however were optimistic on Souness steering the Republic ship through the next qualifying campaign for World Cup 2010. These comments i believe reflected the 'good-side- of the Republic's football fans whom are all too often overshadowed by the Glasgow Celtic obsession...

Originally posted by DeadSkin:
"Come to think of it, I'd honestly love to see that happen. It'd be very interesting to see how Irish based Celtic fans would respond to an appointment of Souness."

But i have to say this post inparticular gave me the biggest laugh of the day, as well as a reassuring outlook on Republic fans in general, knowing they're not ALL Old Firm followers...

Originally posted by Seaneh:
"Boo-f**ing-hoo, he sold some Irish players ebcause he thought he could improve the team, most of the players he sold were coming to the ends of their carees anyway. It's called over-hauling, happens everywhere. He has signed Irish players for both Newcastle and Blackburn, he works for Irish TV, some of his best mates from his playing days are Irish, he's not some paddy bashing idiot. He did bad at ONE club, whoop, Alex Ferguson was **** for the first 3-4 years at Man U, look at him now. Again, Boo-fukin-hoo, he managed rangers, who gives a flying f**k except a couple of bigoted idiots in leprechuan suits and hooped jerseys, generally the sae idiots who protested outside croker saying 'keep forgien games out of Croke Park' while wearing hooped jerseys."

... couldn't have put it any better myself Seaneh mate!


  1. I believe that the head coach of any national football team should of that nationality.
    1. It helps maintains a nations sense of national identity (remember the problems surrounding Sven?)
    2. It helps develop coaches within their own nation
    3. Would their heart really be in it? I doubt it.. money would be their main priority.

    If the head coach decides to employ foreign coaches to work beneath him then that would be acceptable. But the lead guy should be of the same nationality as the team. Power to the patriots!!!

  2. Yes because steve mcclaren is the perfect example of this

    Bring back the womaniser!!!


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