Tuesday, 10 November 2009


And there was me thinking MNS was the highlight of Monday night's on the box!

But no, step forward the crazy, camp, heckler in the audience on RTE's current affairs programme 'Frontline' last night. The man who was seen 'earning' his three minutes of fame looked like a cross between Keith Gillespie on a diet of pastie baps, and Brian Kennedy... balls and all. 

The show itself is fronted by former 'Late Late Show' presenter Pat Kenny; a man who no matter how much of a gent he may be, always tends to attract his fair share of arseholes in the studio.  His latest heckler focused predominantly on his 11 hour-week, £600,000 salary for Radio Telefis Eireann.

I salute Pat Kenny for taking it on the chin.  It's a small price to pay when you take into consideration that the mad man in the audience had a point.  Eamon Dunphy take note.

It all made for hilarious late-night television - making the latest series of 'The Panel' unofficially a flop.

Forget Louis Walsh, get this mouthpiece on the X-Factor panel.  Oh the tears....


  1. Exactly WHAT has the man's sexuality got to do with it?

  2. hahahaha seen that last night myself bud! the fella was gas need more of them yokes on frontline

  3. batting for the other side alright look at the arm swings on him

  4. Anonymous said...
    Exactly WHAT has the man's sexuality got to do with it?

    point taken


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